I have been working as a personal Trainer for a little over a year now, and have been apart of the fitness community all of my life! One of my largest pet peeves in the industry is watching trainers basically torched their weight loss clients; both verbally and with insane workouts that are way to intense for their client. The “burn as many calories as fast as you can” approach almost always results in client drop out for two reasons: first their trainer has embarrassed them and two they are injured from insane workouts!

My approach to weight loss is based on sustainably and actually making it fun! I want my clients to create daily routines that will allow them to live a healthy lifestyle that will result in weight loss. Not the quick fix that is high intensity training for quick results. If you take the time at the beginning of the program to correct muscle imbalances, exercise technique, learn the clients strength and weakness’, likes and dislikes and build rapport, you are going to win long term! Not only will they lose the desired amount of weight, but they will have developed a lifestyle where they can maintain the weight loss.

Here are a couple important factors to consider when starting a weight loss Program:

  1. Choose activities you enjoy in a location where you feel comfortable:

The gym is not the only place you can start a fitness program. Gyms can be pretty intimidating; maybe a workout in your back yard, Local Park, or at the beach is more suiting to your needs. There are many services that come to you for workouts! There are also many creative programs available to try and make fitness more enjoyable.

  1. Complete a thorough screening and movement analysis first:

It is essential to know if you have any health concerns, previous injury and current muscle imbalances! A medical screening is a good idea if you are coming from a very sedentary background, to ensure your body can handle the stresses of working out. These tests and screenings will help a trainer develop a program that is specific for your needs. It also helps prevent future injuries by pointing out which areas need more attention.

  1. Start of with posture correction exercises:

Before you start high intensity training make sure that your body is ready for the impact. It is essential to build that strong base before increasing intensity and load weights. Some of the most common areas that need attention are shoulder stabilization, flute activation / strengthening (build that booty) and core strengthening exercises like planks or use of apparatus such as a TRX, NOT DOING CRUNCHES!!!!!!! The TRX is an amazing tool for stability work. In order to complete any movement with it you must activate your core and maintain a strong scapular position.

4. Use cardio to get your heart rate up while building a strong base:

There are many apparatus that you can uses that involve little to no impact such as the bike or an elliptical. This is a great tool to get your heart rate up to try and burn some calories safely! Don’t forget take it easy when you start and gradually build up the intensity. After a while you can incorporate cardio into resistance training with circuit style training. Once you have progressed you can try those insane workouts

5. Myth of “No Pain No Gain”

This is Bull Crap! If you have chronic pain you are definitely not enjoying the program. You need to listen to your body and figure out the difference between post exercise muscle soreness and injury. The best way to do this is to start of easy and get progressively harder. Your muscles should only be sore for 2 maybe 3 days after a workout. If you still cant walk beyond that the chances are you have a strain or an injury! Pushing through the pain can lead to more serious injuries! I’m not saying that if you are a little sore don’t workout, just be cautious and listen to your body! There is always something that you can do to modify if you haven’t recovered from your last leg workout!!

Little bit of a wrap up, when starting a weight loss program do yourself a favor and prepare your body before you do high intensity training! Don’t let someone push you beyond your limit at the start of a program. Discover a environment where you feel comfortable and set yourself up for life long health not a quick fix!

Happy Lifting,

Coach Justin




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