Are you looking to start running? Take your running to the next level? Improve your fitness? Join a fun and vibrant community of like minded people? Then the Fitness Foundation has the perfect running clinic for you! Our clinics are designed to help guide you through all aspects of health and fitness, to help develop sustainable lifestyle.

The Fitness Foundation Difference:

  1. Education: Our programs are developed and lead by Certified Road Running Coaches, Track and Field Coaches, University Graduates, First Aid-CPR and Numerous Fitness Certifications (BCAK, NSCA-CSCS, FMS, NCCP)
  2. Running Experience: Our coaches are all current and former high level track and field athletes. We have competed in high level road races, national track & field championships and cross country races.
  3. Coaching Experience: Our coaches have years of coaching experience with NCCP Certifications
  4. Full Circle Program: We incorporates every aspect of fitness (Nutrition, Cardio, Strength, Mobility & Flexibility).
    • Nutrition: Participants receives a consultation with a registered dietician and a group trip to the grocery store to help teach you how to shop healthy!
    • Cardio: We use the latest research to ensure you are on a safe and effective training program to improve your cardiovascular endurance and health!
    • Strength: Our experienced strength coaches have industry leading education, certifications! We have studied human mechanics and develop programs designed to help you move with more confidence, efficiently, and ease.
    • Mobility and Flexibility: Through self myofascial release techniques and weekly yoga classes, you will release tension, increase range of motion and feel better.

Clinics Offered:

5K Learn to Run Clinic:

This 10-12 week program is designed to safely introduce fitness to your lifestyle. We utilize walk to run time intervals to safely introduce and improve:

  • Running impact
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Strength and Flexibility

Every learn to run clinic includes:

  • 2 weekly runs
  • Weekly yoga session
  • Weekly private group strength and conditioning session
  • Consultation with a registered dietician
  • Fitness Foundation Run Crew T-shirt

The next clinic starts April 14th 2018

The cost for this clinic is $499.99 for the entire 12 week program. Saving you 30% off Training and Yoga Services.

Run a 10K

This 12 week program is the next stepping stone from our Learn to Run 5K Clinic. It is also great for individuals who have built themselves up to the 5km distance and are looking for support for the next step. Prerequisites for this clinic are you being able to run for 20 minutes at the start of the clinic.

Every Run a 10k clinic includes:

  • 2 weekly runs
  • Weekly yoga session
  • Weekly private group strength and conditioning session
  • Consultation with a registered dietician
  • Fitness Foundation Run Crew T-shirt

Conquer the 10k:

This 12 week clinic is designed to help you drop your 10K time. If you have been running 10K’s and have plateaued our skilled team will help you drop your times with the use:

  • Speed Training
  • Hill Training
  • Interval Training
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility and Mobility Training.

Each program will chose a goal race to train for and test your hard work.


Be able to run 10km before starting the program

Pillars of Running Workshop:

Are you an avid runner (5K,10K,1/2 Marathon or Marathoner) looking for more knowledge on running and running programs? Or maybe a beginner looking to understand what a running program looks like? If so this Hands on workshop is perfect for you!

What are the Pillars of running???

At the Fitness Foundation we focus on 5 major areas of running and fitness:

  • Strength: Correct muscle imbalances and strengthen muscles utilized in running
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Reduce risk of injury, improve range of motion and efficiency in your running and promote recovery
  • Running Mechanics: Learn how to run more efficiently and effectively
  • Diet: Fuel your body for both performance and recovery
  • Programing: Work smart and hard, but make sure you get appropriate recovery

What does the Workshop look like?

This 4 week Clinic divides the 5 Pillars into 3 x 1hrs and 1 x 2 hours workshop.

Week 1: Build the Platform
We will introduce principles of building a running program, and guide you through a mock design.
We will bring in a registered Sports Dietician to introduce you to some eating habits that will help you prepare for a race, recover from workouts and general healthy eating

Week 2: Get Strong
In our second week make sure that you wear your gym clothes
Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist will take you through a fill warmup workout and cool down
You will learn some essential postural exercises to help correct muscular imbalances and performance geared exercises to improve your running strength.

Week 3: Track Time
Lace up your running shoes as our certified track and field/road running coach will take you through some running drills that will improve how you strike the ground, improve running efficiency and more

Week 4: Recovery
In the Final week of our program our certified Yoga/myofascial release instructor will guide you through some running specific stretches to help improve flexibility, mobility and recovery time from runs