At the Fitness Foundation we offer a wide variety of services to meet the needs and budget of everyone. If you are looking to improve your fitness, develop sport specific strength, speed, running mechanics, recover from injury or loose some of that unwanted body fat; our trainers will help you set goals and build a program to take you there and beyond. Our training philosophy starts with building a strong core foundation and evolve your program according to your needs and goals.


Private training offers the full attention of our highly educated and experienced trainers. At the Fitness Foundation we focus on targeting inactive muscles and correcting muscle imbalances before progressing to more complex and higher intensity exercises. This help reduce chronic pain, improve performance and reduce risk of injury. Your program will be sustainable and designed specifically for you and your needs! Get the most out of each, rep, set and workout and optimize your time in the gym. Click the link below to learn more about how you can get started at the Fitness Foundation.

12 Sessions


1 Session




Are you a fitness enthusiast looking to run in obstacle course races in the Lower Mainland or Seattle? or just looking for a fun, unique challenging workout? This will push your comfort levels to prepare you for your favourite OCR competition, or take your fitness to the next level.


This class utilizes classic lifts such as squats, deadlifts and bench press with barbells and dumbbells. We will utilize core and stability exercise supersets to improve your mobility and stability. Class sizes are limited to 10 participants so that you are not lost in the crowd!


This high energy circuit offers a full body workout. In this class you will complete 3-4 timed rounds of 7-10 different exercises. All major muscle groups will be utilized ensuring that you develop strength evenly. All classes are limited to 10 people so that you do not get lost in a crowd.


Challenge yourself with this non-stop breakdown circuit. Improve your muscular endurance, cardio and stamina.This style of training will efficiently improve your fitness level and get you to your goals that much faster!
Class sizes are limited to 10 per class so that you are not lost in the crowd.


Recover from the weeks workouts with this 60 minute class. This class will focus on relieving muscle tension, breaking up knots and scar tissue, lengthening muscle, and building core strength.

10 Sessions





Are you bored with your training routine? Have questions about what you should be doing? And not quite sure if you are doing exercises correctly? If so Semi-Private training is  perfect for you! This program offers the guidance of an experienced trainer and individualized programs in a small group setting of (3-1 trainer).
We are excited to now be offering online progress and workout tracking! Each Semi-Private and Private Training client gains access to an online video library of exercises filmed in the Fitness Foundation! We will prescribe you videos for your off day homework workouts and cardio! Send us a message to find out more 🙂

12 Sessions




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