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Are you an avid runner (5K,10K,1/2 Marathon or Marathoner) looking for more knowledge on running and running programs? Or maybe a beginner looking to understand what a running program looks like? If so this Hands on workshop is perfect for you!

What are the Pillars of running???

At the Fitness Foundation we focus on 5 major areas of running and fitness:

  • Strength: Correct muscle imbalances and strengthen muscles utilized in running
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Reduce risk of injury, improve range of motion and efficiency in your running and promote recovery
  • Running Mechanics: Learn how to run more efficiently and effectively
  • Diet: Fuel your body for both performance and recovery
  • Programing: Work smart and hard, but make sure you get appropriate recovery


What does the Workshop look like?

This hands on workshop will provide you with both theory and practice of the 5 Pillars. The work shop will Take place at the Fitness Foundation and at the Walnut Grove Community Track.


How much does it cost and where do I register? 

  • The cost for this workshop is $99.99 + GST.
  • Registration Dead line is September 30th 2018 @ 12:00PM and is limited to 15 participants
  • Registration includes
    • Hands on Workshop
    • Presentation from a Registered dietician with take home material
    • Workbook on topics presented
    • Fitness Foundation Run Crew T-shirt

You can Register at the button below

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Workshop Agenda:

1-2PM: Choose your Fuel: 

We will start off at the Fitness Foundation where Registered dietician and Sport Nutritionist will introduce insights on how to  build diet that will fuel your running and make the recovery process as efficient as possible!

Some topics we will discuss:

  • What and when to eat before a run or competition?
  • What should I eat too improve my recovery?
  • What does a balanced diet look like for runners?
  • Why are carbs essential for runners?
  • What should I be eating while running a marathon or 1/2 marathon?

2:00-2:45pm: Build the Platform
We will introduce principles of building a running program, and guide you through a mock program design. in this presentation we will also introduce proper running technique,

2:45-255pm: Snack and stretch out

2:55-3:30pm: Get Strong
Make sure that you wear your gym clothes. Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist will take you through a full warmup and workout. You will learn essential postural exercises to help correct muscular imbalances and performance geared exercises to improve your running strength.

3:30-4:00pm: Travel from Fitness Foundation to Track

3:50-4:30pm: Track Time
Lace up your running shoes as our certified track and field/road running coach will take you through some running drills that will improve how you strike the ground,  running efficiency and more!

4:30-5:00pm: Recovery/Yoga
To finish off the day our certified Yoga/myofascial release instructor will guide you through some running specific stretches to help improve flexibility, mobility and recovery time from your runs.

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